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Summer Performance P.A.S.S Program

Summer Performance P.A.S.S Program

P.A.S.S Program


The P.A.S.S. program is a high intensity program that incorporates strength training, speed training, jump training, footwork drills for agility, as well as core stability work to train the athlete to perform better at any activity in which these skills are required. Getting an athlete structurally balanced is a key component of the program. Increased performance is another side of the program, with injury prevention being the third piece to the puzzle. Training the body to handle specific movements will condition the muscles and surrounding ligaments to protect the joint involved during a particular sport.

During exercise, or sporting activities the body encounters many different kinds of stress to the joints and muscles being used for any particular movement. This “stress” commonly referred to as loading” can cause injury to the athlete if the body is not properly trained to handle the load applied. Poor biomechanics, or proper body movement, often leads to injuries. Movements such as running and jumping can produce a load of 3-4 times the athlete’s bodyweight, and weak muscles that can’t support such a load will often fail, resulting in injury. Proper training can ready the muscles and joint tissue to withstand these forces, and protect the joint from injury. The P.A.S.S. Program will educate the athletes on the key factors to reduce their risk of injury by teaching specific strengthening exercises, proper stretching techniques, and good landing techniques. The latter being an often overlooked part of an athletes training program.

A common mistake athletes often make is following a very generalized workout regimen, which may not prepare the athlete for the type of activity he or she may be involved in. Not only could this leave the athlete vulnerable to injury, but they might also be missing key movement patterns in their workout that would lead to increased performance on the field. Specificity is a principle that simply states that an athlete should train their muscles to move in “sport specific” movements. In other words, train the body how it will be used in a game. Think about this, what would a football player benefit from running a mile for conditioning? Not much. The football player at most will only need to travel 100 yards, so that athlete should be trained using quick, explosive type movements,because any given play only lasts for a few seconds. A marathon runner doesn’t need to bench press 250 lbs to be a good runner, he or she needs to run. Our program is designed to increase speed, power and agility by training the muscles to handle the forces necessary to generate quick and powerful movements. So if you are an athlete, or coach one that could use more speed, power, and agility then this program can work for you.

5 DAYS PER WEEK for 6 WEEKS: June 28th - August 6
3:00PM - 5:00PM at the MeSA Soccer Complex (1020 Anderson Ridge Rd., Greenville SC 29651)

$300 3 WEEKS (15 SESSIONS) any 3 consecutive weeks
$150 1 WEEK (5 SESSIONS) any week during the camp


The P.A.S.S. program is made up of five areas:
-Speed training (2 days a week) 
Focusing on proper running mechanics and form, the program uses graded hill runs, sled pushes, calisthenics, resistive running cords for power, and agility ladder work to develop quick reaction timing. To increase speed we need to improve stride length AND frequency. The purpose of these methods is to create scenarios where the athlete is forced to bring the knees up and maintain proper form to successfully perform the run, or drill, which is between 8-20 seconds long for most workouts.

-Jump/Agility training (2 days a week) A wide variety of plyometric movements will be used to enhance the athletes explosive power and agility. We will also spend time relating the importance of landing properly, as this is how a large percentage of injuries occur. As the athlete progresses the jumps will become more dynamic, starting with short box jumps, and moving to forward/reverse, side/side, and diagonal jumping patterns. With the addition of several other exercises the athlete will develop the strength and technique needed to safely execute movements they will need to do in their sport. Proper landing mechanics (think heading the ball) will also be addressed.

-Core training (3 days a week) Every movement starts with strong core muscles. These movements will provide a basic foundation for all other sport related movements, as well as help to protect the body by providing a total body muscular balance and increased coordination. A combination of abdominal, low back, and hip exercises will be used to strengthen the core muscles. We will also pay a lot of attention to the upper back and rotator cuff development. Some of these exercises include; medicine ball work, use of the resistive bands, cable trainer, and isometric and multi-muscle abdominal exercises.

-Strength training (2 days a week) Multi-muscle group exercises will be performed to build strong coordinated movements on the field. These exercises will be done with either the body as the resistance or with weights to provide added resistance. The goal here is to provide the body with the movement patterns needed to generate power by using all the muscles of the body together. We will also do some strengthening of some smaller “supporting cast “ muscles that surround different joints to aid in the protection of that joint, as well as helping to perform the intended movement, like running or jumping.

-Warm up/ Cool down / Stretching/ Mobility We will stress the importance of proper stretching techniques, as well as, why it is important to warm up and cool down when exercising as it relates to muscle health. The warm up, which is a series of calisthenics, the cool down, and the stretching will be put in a specific order, and will be mandatory every session.

With the P.A.S.S. Program we want to educate the athlete on why we are doing these particular exercises so they will have a better understanding of what we want them to do. Technique and form will be held in the highest regard. The result is a comprehensive program that will give the athlete better performance on the field.