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Carolina Elite Soccer Academy ( CESA) and THR College Planning Partner To Provide College Preparation and Placement

CESA and THR have partnered to provide our players with the opportunity to access information that will benefit them both on and off the field.


We believe we have an extremely unique system that aids students and student athletes with scholarship money for college and have been very successful over the last decade. Currently 100% of our students and student athletes are receiving scholarship funds.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL : 855-847-4723 and press option 6 for a short overview about the services we provide.

There are six major components to our company:

1. Academics (On-line Study Hall)

- We offer a unique on-line testing and tutoring center for both standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT. We also offer TOEFL preparation (International). Student can also prepare and study for all subject areas within a high school curriculum setting such as: Algebra, Biology, History, Trigonometry and many other subjects.

2. Financial Aid Department

- The Highlight Reel staffs a lineup of college planners and financial advisers to assist families with financial planning and the submission of forms such as the FAFSA application, federal grants, state grants, and institutional grants. If necessary, we are equipped and readily available to assist you in the appeals process.

3. Student-Athlete Web Profile

- The password protected student-athlete website markets a student athlete’s athletic and academic strengths and accomplishments to colleges and universities. This website consists of: Introduction Video, Highlight Film, Full Game Film, Newspaper Articles, Photos, Letters of Recommendations, Biography, Scouting Report, Transcripts, SAT/ACT Scores and Contact Information.

4. College Planning & Advisory

- This component gives you access to a life coach and also customizes college searches to fit the needs of students/student athletes, a career assessment, location, size, academic ranking and cost. Many families often make the mistake of oversimplifying the college search based on rankings or school reputation.

5. NCAA and High School Guidance

– We make sure our student athletes are within compliance standards of the NCAA. We also assist student with learning disabilities.

6. THR’s Career Services Department

– The Career Services Department offers a variety of students the supports the students need in order to help the student secure full-time employment after their four year tenure (graduation).