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CESA is immediately affiliated with both the SCYSA (South Carolina Youth Soccer Association) and with USCS (United StatesClub Soccer). In addition, CESA reserves the right now and in the future to affiliate with any and all affiliating organizations that will enable it to better meet its goal of providing the best possible services for the children we serve.

Soccer is a worldwide game and the affiliating organization structure is by necessity a complex one. The figure to the right depicts the affiliating organizational structure from FIFA, the organization responsible for the worldwide game, to CESA, the organization responsible to providing the best in youth soccer services to its members.

CESA is currently immediately affiliated with the SCYSA and USCS. The SCYSA is immediately affiliated with USYS (United States Youth Soccer), which in turn is immediately affiliated with the USSF (United States Soccer Federation). This two level structure is necessary because the USYS operates on a state-by-state basis with state-level affiliates.

CESA is also immediately affiliated with USCS which is immediately affiliated with USSF. USCS is a national organization which does not require state-level intermediary affiliates.

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USCS Affiliation Press Release (February 17, 2006)

Carolina Elite Soccer Academy (CESA) and US Club Soccer announced today that Carolina Elite Soccer Academy has become an affiliated member of US Club Soccer. This means that CESA will be able to offer all of the services it has in the past plus a number of exciting new services only available to those clubs affiliated with US Club Soccer.

“This affiliation is integral to our mission of providing more opportunities to all youth soccer players,” said Pearse Tormey, Co-Executive Director of CESA. “We were particularly impressed with the flexibility that US Club affords us,” added Andrew Hyslop, Co-Executive Director of CESA.

“We are extremely pleased that CESA has decided to become an affiliated member of US Club Soccer and look forward to working with them in moving South Carolina soccer to the next level,” said William Sage, Executive Director of US Club Soccer.


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