CESA Greenville Recreation Program Overview


2018 Fall Recreation Team Assignments NOW POSTED!


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**Please note that these team assignments are for CESA Greenville Recreation teams only**

***Also, players registered for High School Prep or the U6-2Day Program will be posted at a later date***



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2018 Recreation Season Begins AUGUST 25th!!



Please see information below regarding Uniforms


Official CESA recreation uniform jerseys can only be purchased at Lloyd’s Soccer located at 1018 S. Batesville Rd. Greer, SC 29650.  The phone number to Lloyd’s Soccer is (864) 848-6805.

PLEASE NOTE: All players MUST wear the official CESA uniform for ALL games. The team listed first (HOME team) on the game schedule will wear the RED official CESA uniform jerseys. The team listed second (AWAY team) on the game schedule will wear the WHITE official CESA uniform jerseys.

  • Players can have any number on their jerseys (or no number if they choose).

CESA Recreation Roster Sizes

U6-2Day: 10-12 Players

U6-3Day: 10-12 Players

U8: 8 players Maximum

U10: 10 Players Maximum

U12: 12 Players Maximum

U15: 18 Players Maximum

U19 (fall only): 18 Players Maximum


It is encouraged for all parents to read and become familiar with the Concussion Procedure and Protocol.

Please contact Austin Beaton at austin.beaton@carolinaelitesc.com if you have any specific questions

in regards to CESA Greenville Program


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